Cocos2dx version 3.x Tutorial

if you have done installing all prerequisite stuff. And have basic knowledge of Android and Eclipse IDE. then its good.

and wondering is there a sample… there is

now how to build the sample? heres the link


Okeh then,

1. import the in Eclipse


Create A New Project

$ cd cocos2d-x
$ ./
$ source ~/.bash_profile # may be ~/.bash_login or ~/.profile, depends on your environemnt
$ cocos new MyGame -p com.MyCompany.MyGame -l cpp -d ~/MyCompany
  • MyGame: name of your project

  • -p com.MyCompany.MyGame: package name for android

  • -l cpp: programming language used for the project, valid value is cppand lua

  • -d ~/MyCompany: directory to hold your project

example : cd to directory you want to for wahtever the reason, then create new project like this.

example : cocos new MyGame -p com.your_company.mygame -l cpp -d /home (its a rip from somewhere tutorial in internet)

it will create a folder called MyGame

3. import that folder, choose deselect all, and just click the tick (choose) the libcocos2dx its on the top of the list. maybe

4. right click CPPTest project > Properties > Android TAB > add > add the libcocos2dx as library.

5. doesnt understand what i write? want more pictures instead? *sob* kay den … heres the link

6. Build it. im sorry the explanation is in the link above.


oh i should noticed you, that i works learn cocos2dx in Windows 7 32bit (patani) and using Eclipse Indigo as C++ IDE.

tried to download cocostudio, but i just cant download it somehow ._. )

it stuck in 1% with zero 0 bytes/sec on IDM ._.)”

how cute   -3- )


every tutorial mostly was made in Mac, kinda rare to see the tutorial write in Windows . . . maybe i had not found it yet.


and if you wondering whats with the console cocos new MyGame -p com.your_company.mygame -l cpp -d /home

it called cocos console, its new feature in cocos2dx version 3.x  maybe  so you dont have to install 1GB cygwin or even MinGW

moar explanation >> here the link


i love link :D, but i prefer Zelda maybe i should refer it as Zelda instead in the future . . .hmm.  . .

thanks whoever had heart to read my journal ._.)?


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