PHP dan Mysql Export data to Excel (PDO)

  1. buat connection php nya
  2. buat database dan siap kan nampan serta bumbu nya
  3. setelah database matang langsung ke link dibawah

langsung aj ke sauce nya …

source :


Visual C# dan Sql Server – connecting

  1. install visual studio 2017, i used community version (i installed this, for my the love of bandwidth i cried…)
  2. install the .net desktop develop and data storage and processing
  3. and dont forget what ever you chose as SQL Server. I used Sql Server 2008 R2.

if you are like me, downloading these on 2mb bandwidth it would take a while,,, savor your pain like sparta.

this is the tutorial link.

seriously, you think i would write a tutorial? you have been misled! (okay i will when times allows me. for backup reference)

Mikrotik – Cara Block Situs Porno dan Facebook

Lazy guy note : tutorial lengkap ada di blog orang (Thank You!), jadi disini hanya post ke link nya saja dan penjelasan singkat.

  1. buka mikrotik
  2. download list rule layer7 protocol file bokep.rsc dari blog mbah neufarion
  3. pada mikrotik (winbox), klik tab file , drag and drop bokep.rsc ke dalam windows file
  4. buka terminal (winbox), ketik import file-name=bokep.rsc
  5. selanjutnya liat tutorial juragan neufarion

nb: klo ga males nanti diedit lagi

neufarion : blokir situs

mikrotikindo : block facebook

[cocos2dx3.0] The Diary – Part 02 – Using cocostudio

Tools : (as usual )

  • VS EXPRESS 2013
  • COCOS2DX 3.0

If you looking at cpp-test you probably knew already how “easy” to use cocostudio to create scene, skeletal animation, UI, etc etc.

but at first you probably wondering … and as beginner in cocos2dx you will get this error :

#include "cocostudio.h"

as no such class or something, thats right, the “template” we created and open in visual studio 2013 doesn’t include cocostudio.h folder.

this is what you have to do

  1. On solution explorer -> right click the project -> properties
  2. Open or select C/C++ tab -> select General
  3. On Additional Include Directories -> click the down arrow -> select <Edit…>
  4. insert this line : $(EngineRoot)cocos\editor-support
  5. Done

There it is, now you can #include “cocostudio.h”

Dont get frustrated sometime cpp-test had secret… seriously -_-